Positive is proud to offer some of the most technologically advanced terminals on the market, powered with all the capabilities to meet the needs of every business. Featuring multiple applications for services such as purchasing pre-paid products directly from the terminal, Positive’s point-of-sale systems bring peace of mind through providing highly secure payment transactions for both merchants and their customers.

Our point-of-sale terminals are built by major suppliers, including Hypercom, TekTrex, Verifone and Ingenico, currently the number one supplier to 70% of the Canadian marketplace for debit and credit card equipment. This allows Positive to offer our customers the latest technology, equipped with greater options and more powerful software to better serve your clients.With such award-winning products, Positive now offers you the choice to purchase your own point-of-sale system, rather than renting one.

View our full line of products online today by clicking the links to your left or the images below, or call a product specialist at (514) 507-4845 for a custom-tailored solution for your needs. You can’t imagine how much it will change your business!