“Never Pay Again” Plan

Positive’s most popular program is our “Never Pay Again” plan. Based around providing a “no-out-of-pocket-expense” scenario for the merchant, we provide you with a point-of-sale terminal on a leasing plan, and work with you to determine the cost of the user fee. These fees, ranging from 15 to 50 cents, are passed directly to the customer, resulting in no cost to the merchant for use of the system.

“Never Pay Again” is the program that works best, with over 10,000 stores across Canada applying the user fee to eliminate their operating expenses. The user fee is now as widely accepted as fees found at most ATMs. Gain the advantage and benefits other companies are already utilizing for your business.

“Straight Out Purchase” Plan

The “Straight Out Purchase” plan of a point-of-sale terminal helps eliminate all rentals fees, allowing you to save thousands of dollars per month. This program allows you to upgrade your current technology, while offering you additional services with the terminal which were previously unavailable through banks. Add a user fee to help reimburse you for the purchase; save more money by avoiding interest from leasing – it all helps to give your business an increase to its bottom line. Our “Straight Out Purchase” plan requires a 20% security deposit, with the balance due at installation.

“Profit Sharing” Plan

Dependant on the amount of transactions on your monthly statement, our “Profit Sharing” program allows us to place our point-of-sale terminals at your business at no charge. We add a user fee to pay for all costs, and profits earned from these fees can be shared with the merchant. To be considered for this program, your business must meet the following requirements:

  • • Must have a high volume of transaction
  • • Multiple point of sale terminals in store
  • • Multiple store locations
  • • Adequate user fee added to cover all costs

Our financial experts will work closely with you to determine whether you qualify for this program by evaluating and analyzing your current situation. A small security deposit may be required for participation in this plan.

“Go Prepaid” Plan

The most revolutionary change in the point-of-sale industry that is not offered by any bank or financial institution is “GO Prepaid.” It allows your customers to purchase pre-paid wireless air time or long distance minutes for their cell phones directly from the point-of-sale terminal. Bundling the advantages of attracting new customers to your store and earning revenue from every card sold, Positive offers “GO Prepaid” as a standard option on our point-of-sale-terminals. Reduce in-store theft, minimize inventory, and increase your profits through products sold. You’ll always have what the customer needs!